Meat values

Significant values of beef meat


Quality proteins


Necessary fatty acids and amino acids for the human body.


Low fat and calorie intake


Products contain low-cholesterol


Beef meat provides a healthy, easy-to-make and balanced meal with an excellent taste and flavor features. Beef meat can replace other meat products practically in any dish one wants to cook.


Beef meat is the most important source of a protein.
Muscle proteins contain all the essential amino acids in the diet, which has a positive effect on the human body’s metabolic processes and health.


Beef meat’s fat contains less saturated fatty acids, but more valuable unsaturated fatty acids.
Unsaturated fatty acids provide a beneficial effect on the body’s metabolic processes – they are not formed in human body, and should be taken with food.
Beef fat hinders the deposition of cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels.


Beef meat is the source of all water-soluble B vitamins and beef meat has the highest content of vitamin B12.
85g of beef meat contains the same amount of vitamin B12 as 600g of chicken meat. B12 vitamin intake in our diet is very important because provides a growth factor. It participates in blood formation and stimulates the liver and nervous system.
Improves blood circulation A beneficial effect on human health Zinc and iron source Vitamin B12 improves the liver and nervous system


Beef meat is rich with minerals such as zinc and iron, which are vital for our body’s proper functioning.
The main and the most valuable part of the meat is muscle. Beef muscle contains 60-70% of the weight of the carcass, which mainly determine the nutritional value of meat.


Product quality and nutritional value is the foundation of our health, therefore only high-quality products should be consumed – explicitly as “Cesu meat factory” is offering to its clients!