Business lines


Beef and lamb Purchase

“Cesu meat factory” buys cattle and lambs across Latvian territory in live weight and carcass weight. Provides operational cattle collection. Vehicles are equipped with electronic weigh scales. After the slaughter of cattle – customers may receive slaughter reports on the outcomes, payment for livestock is carried out in cash, as well as the transfer. In addition, extra allowances are made for amount of weight and organically reared cattle and lambs.
Customers are our priority and it is important to provide high quality and individual approach for each and every of “Cesu meat factory” client.

Beef and lamb slaugther

“Cesu meat factory” slaughterhouse is one of the most modern in Latvia. In slaughterhouse cattle is slaughtered for company’s own consumption, but slaughtering services are provided as well. Slaughterhouse provides fully ensured electronic tracking system of the slaughtered animals. Company works and slaughters animals only in accordance with “HALAL” meat production method, fulfilling all animal protection requirements. (see ENG here:


The distribution of Beef and lamb meat

As company tries to fulfill individual orders from customer side – meat products are offered in carcasses, which mostly are sold as an export good. Also boneless meat is cut in pieces in accordance with order and packed in different sized, weighted vacuum packs.


Offal extraction


Processing of game animals

Company provides game animal skinning, deboning and distribution services. Boneless game meat can be packed in vacuum packages.


Meat and offal packaging, meat storage


Product realization

The major part of production produced by “Cesu meat factory” is exported to foreign countries, but also production sales in domestic market increases as Latvians start to develop even stronger traditions of consumption of healthier meat products such as beef and lamb meat.